About me / Acerca de mí


Born in Valladolid, bachelor’s and master’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca, my artistic activity focuses on animation, illustration and comic. I have also worked as a teacher of Arts in Secondary Education, at the Universities of Leon and Valladolid (Spain) and for the Madison Metropolitan School District in Wisconsin (USA).

My animated work has been awarded at international festivals such as the World Film Festival in Montreal and nominated for the Goya Academy Awards. I am a member of the Academy of Sciences and Cinematographic  Arts of Spain since 2001.


  • Best Spanish Director of the 9th Experimental Film Week in Madrid, SPAIN.
  • First Jury Prize, 20th Black Maria Film Festival, (Festival for the preselection to the Hollywood Oscars), New Jersey, USA.
  • Nominated to the Goya Awards of the Academy of the Cinematographic Arts of Spain to the Best Short Film of Animation, year 2000.
  • Second Best Short Film Award, World Film Festival, Montreal, CANADA.
  • Best European Animated Short Film (awarded by ASIFA, International Animation Film Association) at the VII Independent Film Festival of Barcelona, ​​SPAIN.
  • Best Spanish Short Film, VII Independent Film Festival of Barcelona, ​​SPAIN.
  • Best Animated Short Film, VII Independent Film Festival of Barcelona, ​​SPAIN.
  • Best Animated Film, XIX Uruguayan Film Festival, Montevideo, URUGUAY.
  • First Panorama International Prize, 9th Mediterranean Festival of New Directors of Larissa, GREECE.
  • Second Prize of the Jury, I National Competition of Short Films “Spanish Version / SGAE” of TVE and General Society of Authors of Spain.
  • Best Artistic Direction, 29th Festival of Alcalá de Henares, SPAIN.
  • Award for Best Animation, XXIII International Short Film Week of San Roque, SPAIN.
  • Best Animated Short Film, 13th Film Festival  of Medina del Campo, SPAIN.
  • Best Animation, IX Audiovisual Creation Festival of Navarra, SPAIN.
  • Best Animated Short Film and Best Sound Award, XII Spanish Film Week by Aguilar de Campoo. SPAIN.
  • Best Animation, Filmatic 3 Audiovisual Competition, Huesca, SPAIN.
  • Second Jury Prize, 6th Iberian Film Festival, Badajoz, SPAIN.
  • Jury Mention, 2nd York Independent Film Festival, UNITED KINGDOM.
  • Third Prize for the Best Short Film, Festival Madridimagen 2000. Madrid, SPAIN.
  • Second Prize, 3rd Edition of the Festival “La Boca del Lobo”, Madrid, SPAIN.
  • Special Mention of the Jury, VII Festival of Ciudad Real, SPAIN.
  • Special Mention of the Jury, V Almería Film Festival, SPAIN.
  • Special Jury Mention, Zaragoza Film Festival, SPAIN.
  • Third Prize, XXIX Festival of Villagarcía de Arosa, SPAIN.

My animated work has been screened at festivals, film shows and television shows from the following countries: Spain, France, Germany, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Czech Rep., Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Uruguay, Peru, Argentina, South Korea, People’s Republic of China, India and Australia.